Friday, February 16, 2007


I could not let this pass by.
After talking about shooters i had to talk about Ikaruga.

It is made by the best -> Treasure <- RESPECT!
It is the best shooter out there that you can still play on the web, on the Arcades, Dreamcast and Gamecube. And i also heard something about Xbox Live Arcade. You will ear that Radiant Silvergun is "tha winna" or something like that, but its bullshit. Ikaruga rules tall and proud.

You don't believe me?
Hardcore action right here.

Double action on the Arcade from ONE MAN ALONE.
Thats right, one man, two sticks, two ships and one screen.

Red Ranger tells you to learn more about the best shooter in Wikipedia and here. Where "here" is a fan made website with scoreboards, downloads etc.

Red Ranger tries to repair his Dreamcast and fails...

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