Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So, i finally gave a run on the Xbox 360 Live thingy to try everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. I played Gears of War online, offline, online co-op, offline co-op, splitscreen and multi-shit. I tried Arcade Live's Geometry Wars, been on the ranking boards, talked trash on the microphone to other players and downloaded every piece of crap i could find.

But then something happened.
I saw something called "microsoft points" and i went "what the fuck?".
The shit had hit the fan.
I was confused, i finally started reading words and phrases and soon found out my Gold account was free until the end of the month. If i wanted more online love i would have to pay up. This was weird since i already payed for the console, the games, the internet connection and for some stupid batteries for the pad (batteries on the pad... some sort of joke) and now i will have to pay every month for this?
Plus i tried to change my account name and guess what? You pay for it sucker!

Oh well, at least i had fun while it lasted, i mean, on the PC i don't have to pay to play online, on the PS2 and PSP i never had to and on the PS3 i wont need to either, so why pay on Xbox Live?
Besides, a Ranger salary is very good but keeping our suits and spaceships working is expensive, we can't afford this type of things.

Red out

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