Friday, January 19, 2007

Xbox 360 Tilt Controller!

What!?... yep! it's true, seems like nowadays everything imaginable can be conceivable, well more or less (where's my time machine? and my Warp 10 intergalactic spaceship!?) sometimes you're not sure if you're actually infringing some patents (btw, this reminds me of Gamasutra's article - "The Ten Most Important Video Game Patents" nowadays, everyone wants to patent something, even if it's something really ridiculous, like patenting the way you throw a brick! - you may be thinking "- that's a complete nonsense!" well, not actually... with a piece of paper explaining how you throw the brick and a little bit of blabla talk! and you may manage something out of that!) It's "amazing" (not to say another word) what people can register... Videogames are not different from the rest, there's also some "crappy" patents haunting this particular world, nothing we can do about it! Just try to go around it or as we say: "pay the man!"

Well, one thing's for sure, nobody can take Adam Thole's newest achievement away from his hands, he invested two and a half weeks of his worthy time, to came out with this fully functioning motion sensor with a 2-axis accelerometer (it's not quite like the PS3's 6 axis motion sensor, but hey! better this than nothing!). There are more details (including video demos) on his site for those looking to emulate this mod, and Adam claims that he may even hack a wireless controller for version two! and what about that!? (I'm just gonna sit and wait for the rumble feature to be implemented on the PS3 controller... did you read this Adam? ;)

Yellow Ranger compares his PS2 with the PS3 controller... and cries!

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